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A wise man [Emil Zola] once said: “Nothing develops the mind like travel”. No doubts, it is true, but where may we get time for traveling? Unfortunately, everyday routine does not always make it possible for us to leave everything behind and rush to explore new world corners, peoples and their peculiarities. But do not fret! You live in multinational and multicultural city— annually Moscow arranges a lot of national festivals and celebrations giving its citizens the unique opportunity to plunge into the history and traditions of different nations. In that regard, we have collected various upcoming national festivals you should check out!


Nicaragua Today

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Society for Friendship and Cooperation with the Republic of Nicaragua present Sergey Kovalchuk’s photo exhibition Nicaragua Today. The exhibition is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Nicaragua.
Can you imagine, that although nine time zones separates Moscow from Managua (the capital of the Republic of Nicaragua) the friendship exists outside of time and does not depend on distances!? Nicaraguans are affable and cheerful, and their country is one of the safest in Central America. Therefore, the idea of a trip to Nicaragua is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. But if you are not ready yet, Russian library of foreign literature offers you an opportunity to learn more about this bright people.
The Nicaragua Today exhibition is an author’s photo story created by Sergey Kovalchuk, which will surely give all viewers fresh ideas for an unusual trip. Sergey Kovalchuk is a Russian photographer and traveler, known for his travel photo works. Author of such photo albums as “Window to Indochina”, “Exotic Southeast Asia”, “Laos – the country of ecological tourism” and etc.

7th-27th February
Russian library of foreign literature

Address: Nikoloyamskaya St., 1, Moscow
Metro st. – Taganskaya
Entrance is free but you need to have the library card, which you can easily get in the library.

The Eastern New Year in the Kremlin

The five elements of Buddhism will awaken on February 25 and 26 for the celebration of the Eastern New Year in the Kremlin Palace. The Kremlin Palace these days will be filled with the atmosphere of the Buryat steppes: the breath of free wind, the aroma of rosemary and the coolness of the Holy Baikal Sea. On the eve of the new 12-year cycle according to the Buddhist calendar – February 25 and 26 – the best creative groups and artists will present the culture of the peoples of the Baikal Republic in all its ethnic diversity to citizens and guests of the capital of Russia.
25th February, 7 PM

the Kremline palace


Hinode Power Japan

On April 11 and 12, pavilion number 75 at VDNH will host the largest Japanese cultural festival – Hinode Power Japan. The Festival offers two days of an original and vivid cultural program, which will be interesting for both children and adults. In 2020, popular and rising Japanese stars, as well as Russian artists and bands with performances in Japanese, will present their shows at the Hinode Power Japan festival. Also the finals of the Russian round for the World Cosplay Summit will be held. The winners will represent Russia at the largest cosplay festival in the city of Nagoya in Japan.
Don’t forget to try yourself in Japanese martial arts and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine! The Expo-format of the festival of Japanese culture in Moscow allows you to build your own route through the sites and stay informed about all the events.

April 11th and 12th
Metro st. – Vdnkh
Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira, d.119, building 75
+7 (495) 258-43-21

Ramadan in Moscow

Ramadan is a holy month for every Muslim. In 2020 Ramadan starts on 24th April after the sunrise and ends on 23rd May after the sunset, the sacred holiday Bayram starts that day. In Moscow Ramadan has a lot of adherents so that every year “Ramadan’s tent” stands near Memorial Mosque on Poklonnaya Hill. “Ramadan’s tent” is a cultural charity project, under its arches you can participate in theme nights and charity events, hear about Islam, its traditions and about culture of Muslim countries. In addition, charity dinner is arranged every night after the sun goes down so that the table is filled with the dishes of different national cuisines. There you will enjoy not only tasty food but the performances of different creative teams shown before the meal!

24th April—23rd May
Metro st. – Minskaya
Address:Minskaya street, 2B, Memorial mosque on Poklonnaya Hill
Entrance is free


St.Patrick ‘s Day & IRISH WEEK

St. Patrick’s Day has long gone beyond Ireland—it has spread to other countries. Costume parades with songs and dances take place in cities around the world. This year the St.Patrick ‘s Day is on Tuesday, March 17th but different festivals and celebrations will last all week. The zest of the celebration in Moscow is parades, where participants wear national Irish costumes, try on the images of leprechauns, paint their faces and strive to be as green as possible. In Moscow “Green parades” are usually held on Arbat or in Sokolniki Park. This year participants will be surrounded by animators, stilt-walkers and an orchestra; in the Sokolniki you can also taste candy shaped like shamrock, cabbage with bacon and corned beef. All this will be accompanied by Irish folk music, dancing and flags.
Moreover, the annual festival of Irish culture IRISH WEEK is conducted in March, 11-22. The program includes cinema, concerts, theater performances, entertainment for children and much more. These days you will be invited to the premiere of Irish films in Russia and the meetings with Irish writers. The doors of Irish pubs will also be open for guests. Furthermore, for St. Patrick’s Day special drinks will appear on the menu so that you can treat yourself with scotch tape, ale, whiskey and green beer!

St.Patrick ‘s Day: 17th-23rd March, Arbat, Sokolniki Park
IRISH WEEK: 11th -22nd March


Viva Italia 2020

Do you want to touch the fabulous Italian world of art and fashion? Thanks to this festival you can participate in thematic workshops, get acquainted with the work of Italian artists, listen to lectures on fashion, the history of Italian photography and music, attend concerts of Italian artists of opera and contemporary compositions. It also includes a magnificent exhibition of unusual Venetian carnival costumes for men and women, each of which exists only in a single copy, and the book fair, where it will be possible not only to read the books by Italian authors, but also to attend presentations of the new products by Italian publishers, purchase educational literature and even visit a real Italian stand up show “itALIEN”.

Monday, April 20, 2020 – 12PM – 9PM
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – 12PM – 9PM
Metro st. Gostiny Dvor
Address:Ilyinka street, 4 – International exhibition center “Fashion Museum” in Gostiny Dvor
Entrance is free

Now you see that travelling without a car, plane or train is possible! Stay in Moscow and explore the world by visiting  great festivals and celebrations, especially since most of them are absolutely free and absolutely fantastic!

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