Best Summer Activities For Your Kids In Moscow

  • Fri 06 2019
  • by intermark

Kids, kids, it’s summer! And that can only mean one thing – it’s time for summer break! No more homework, no need to wake up early. Lots of fun and new emotions – we have selected some interesting places in Moscow to visit in order to make your children’s summer unforgettable.




“Smart City” on VDNKh

The key areas of modern metropolitan life are situated at 12 interactive sites of the “Smart City” and with the help of virtual reality everyone can be in the center of events and understand how everything is arranged. Wearing VR glasses, guests will feel at the control of a modern metro train, take part in the virtual diagnosis of the body, learn to control the smart home, talk with the robot and find out what’s new in Moscow over the past few years. Moreover, master classes, quests and workshops on a wide range of topics and advanced technologies, from programming and 3D printing to laser technologies and robotics, are regularly held in the “Smart City”.

When: 10AM – 8PM, daily, except Mon

Where: 119 bld. 461, Prospekt Mira, Moscow

Ticket price: Free



Experimentanium is an interactive Moscow museum in which you can learn a lot of interesting and useful things about the world around you, and scientific laws in a fascinating way. The museum was created for children, but adults will also like it here.

When: Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 7PM, Sat-Sun 10AM – 8 PM

Where: 80 bld. 11, Leningradsky pr-kt, Moscow

Ticket price: 450-650 RUB



KidZania is a children’s “edutainment” park where everything is just like in a real city. Here children can try more than 100 interesting professions, gain useful knowledge and unforgettable experience and a chance to be independent. KidZania is designed for childrenfrom 4 to 16 years old.

When children visit KidZania, they see a hospital, a university, a theater — everything that you can see in a real city. Children can come and try out lots of different professions. In fact, they are capable of many incredible things: they can fly a plane, make TV shows, become firefighters, conduct research in the lab, go on secret missions and perform on stage.

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When: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 9 PM

Where: 4th floor, Aviapark Shopping Center, 4, Khodynsky boulevard, Moscow

Ticket price: 590-1590 RUB


Entertainment & Fun


Drawing in Virtual Reality

A studio in the Soyuz business park, where everyone, even a person with no experience in drawing, can create an amazing picture in three-dimensional space. Modern equipment allows guests to immerse themselves in the picture and create from the inside.
With a simple wave of the hand in the air, you will begin to draw a unique picture in virtual reality. It does not require special knowledge and skills, even a child can create a VR-picture. After the session you can take your creation with you in the form of a photo or video.

When: Mon-Sun 10 AM – 10 PM

Where: Office 233, 2/4 bld. 19, Luzhnetskaya emb., Moscow (entrance to building 19 on the right side, under the sign of  “Soyuz”)

Ticket price: 800-1600 RUB


Nebo Sport Park

“NEBO” is a sport & amusement park for children and adults. Here you will find an arena of hundreds of trampolines, a multi-level rope park, a climbing wall, a ninja arena and many other activities. You can visit any attractions of the park with a single ticket – it is convenient and profitable. Active entertainment is perfect for team building – common tasks, mutual assistance and joint impressions will help to rally the team.

When: Mon-Sun 10 AM – 10 PM


Sokol metro station –  80 bld. 11, Leningradsky pr-kt, Moscow

Fili metro station – 5, Bagrationovsky passage, Moscow

Krymskaya metro station – 3rd floor, Shopping center “Kapitoliy”, 11E, Sevastopolsky pr-kt, Moscow

Ticket price: 600-1400 RUB


Moreon Water Park

In the water park you can ride on seven different slides. Adrenaline lovers will be especially interested in “Black Hole”, “Space Plate” and “Wing”. Family slide suitable for children and parents. If you find boring to swim in calm, plunge into the wave pool. Next to it is a sandy beach – you can almost sense the sea breeze! In the spa complex visitors will find out how the Russian bath differs from the Turkish hamam, and the hot Roman one – from the delicate Greek bath. While you relax, the personal attendant will look after your child. Grab a snack in the cafe or bar located within the complex.

When: Mon-Sun 10 AM – 10 PM

Where: 16, Golubinskaya St., Moscow

Ticket price: 490-2200 RUB


Outdoor Activities


Skazka Park

A theme park based on Russian fairy tales and modern cartoons for visitors of every age – from balloon races and upside down house to the castle of quests.
Attractions for children and adults – among them “Big Russian Mountain” (the train accelerates up to 60 kilometers per hour) and a 35-meter-tall ferris wheel, bumper cars, the Enotiya contact zoo, the Husky Land park, a cinema, a children’s castle quests VIVA, rope park with tracks of three difficulty levels, indoor skating rink – you’d scarcely know what more to do.

When: Mon-Sun 10 AM – 10 PM

Where: 18, Krylatskaya St., Moscow

Ticket price: unlimited visitors card – from 1900 to 4900 per person



Moscow parks 

Moscow is definitely a green city with all its historic parks, shadowed alleys, blooming gardens and boulevards. You can’t help bumping at least into one of them wherever you go. And Moscow parks surely have something special for everyone. Below are just a few of them for you to plan your summer activities:

Zaryadye – recently opened, it’s already in all Moscow guides and tours as one of the most breathtaking locations on the city. Time magazine puts Zaryadye Park on 2018 list of World’s Greatest Places. Here you can walk around different kinds of landscapes – discover the flora of wild forest, steppe, tundra, and the floodplains. Take a photo at famous V-form floating bridge, visit Ice Cave or literally fly over Russia in Media Center.

Gorky park – Being labeled as “the best Moscow park” by press and many Muscovites, it is an interesting and vibrant place all day and all night. Rent a bicycle for two, taste different cuisines and dishes sitting on the river bank, try various sports activities like volleyball, skateboard, parkour, handball, football (soccer) or rent a boat for a fun time off with your little ones.

VDNKh – it’s not just a regular park, VDNKh is an open-air museum with more than 250 Soviet-era palaces and pavilions, fountains and sculptures. Being seriosly modernized in 2014, this park offers to its visitors all kinds of entertainment and fun. Grab your children and go to Mosquarium to see more than 12 000 marine and freshwater animals or swim with the dolphins; visit interactive Space and Aviation Center or Robostantsiya, where you will find funny, clever, and fantastic robots, and try your hand at mountaineering.  Of course, you can simply have a stroll, meet with friends, or learn to roller skate or rent a bicycle and ride along the green alleys and beautiful flower beds.

So don’t spend your hot summer days sitting at home, watching TV or playing Xbox. Plan your leisure time with Intermark Club instead – go out, do sports, have fun and explore Moscow!

Make this summer your best memory of Russia!


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