Russian Folk Remedies: Traditional Ways To Fight The Disease

  • Fri 03 2020
  • by intermark

Already tired of coronavirus epidemic? Fed up with queues in pharmacies and don’t want to spend a fortune on pills? Of course, we understand your pain as the world is getting mad with every new day. When doctors lose their heart, Russian babushkas wake up and are ready for a battle.  Folk remedy is perhaps not the best answer for a disease, but can be considered as an alternative kind of medicine.

Though there are many discussions whether it does any good, folk remedies still have their perks:

  • – Affordable prices: both recipes and ingredients are easy to find in any store at low prices;
  • – Minimal number of side effects: even if the chosen remedy does not help to prevent the disease, you are unlikely to make things worse;
  • – They are universal, as they support the immune system, and they are not aimed at a specific virus.

The drawbacks include low efficiency – you need to practice them constantly to feel their positive effects. Such prevention is more a lifestyle than a set of measures.

This article is more about fun facts than about real medical advice. If you want to try something new in your disease prevention routine, our article can help you get some fresh ideas. Remember though, as in most of the cases – common sense is the King!


  • 1) We all know that garlic repels vampires, but Russian Babushkas claim that garlic is also the best remedy for colds. The use of garlic has been considered for so long as one of the most famous folk methods of treating colds. If you can easily tolerate the taste and smell of garlic, feel free to use it to treat colds with folk methods. Try boiling garlic in boiling water to make garlic tea, for example. You can also add sliced garlic to your food so that you do not get cold or flu.
  • 2) Those, with a runny nose, can make a paste of garlic and sniff it alternately, closing one or the other nostril. Exhale when you do this through a wide-open mouth.
  • 3) In order to prevent a runny nose, cut 3-4 slices of peeled garlic or a quarter of a small peeled onion, put them on a saucer and leave in the room. The thing is that phytoncides have an antibacterial effect. Onions and garlic should be replaced daily with fresh ones. (NOTE: this measure will be effective only if you spend enough time at home!)



  • 4) There is a wide range of compresses for colds. You can try to make it at home: a healing mixture is made from 2 parts of honey, 1 part of crushed aloe leaves and 3 parts of vodka is recommended.
  • 5) In general, Russians often use vodka as a folk remedy. For instance, if you have a runny nose, it is recommended to hold vodka in your mouth for 6 or more minutes, afterwards it can either be swallowed or spat out – if desired. Hope you’ll make the right choice!
  • 6) If you get your feet wet, them with vodka immediately and put on dry wool socks. Let the house party begin!



  • 7) What are you doing during lazy seek leave days? Stay in bed and watch TV-series? Just for you to know, in the bed of patients with colds in Russian villages doctors used to put birch or alder leaves on a blanket, moistening them with warm water. For what reason? We don’t know. But you can try.
  • 8) Aspirin? Antipyretic? It’s not ECO enough. What about cabbage? During a cold, apply to your forehead and temples the leaves of fresh white cabbage or sauerkraut pressed and wrapped in cheesecloth. Maybe this procedure is not a super effective cure, but for sure, it’s a funny experience. Moreover, everyone knows that positive emotions are the best cure.
  • 9) Cut 6-8 radish fruits into very thin slices and sprinkle each slice with sugar. In about half a day you’ll get a specific juice. Drink 1 tablespoon every hour. Healers claim that this remedy cures the most nagging cough in a relatively short time. Even if your pills give better result, it’s a great chance to treat yourself with new kind of juice.



  • 10) Another healing beverage “A La Babushka” can surprise with its taste even those, who thought that managed to try everything! In a glass of hot boiled milk, add 1 teaspoon of melted unsalted pork fat and take 1 tablespoon hot or warm before eating. Bon appetite!
  • 11) OK, if you are not ready for such kind of experience, we have something more traditional for you. Grate an equal amount of onion and apples on a small grater, and mix with the same amount of honey. Take 2-3 teaspoons 2-3 times a day and the sore throat will pass.
  • 12) If you have a cold, it is useful to eat garlic butter. By the way, it’s really yummy! A perfect prophylactic for those who hate taking pills. Grate 5 cloves of garlic and mix them with 100 g of butter, and add some salt to taste. Garlic oil is added to potatoes or spread it on bread.
  • 13) Breathe the steam of potatoes cooked in peel. Yeah, it really works! Just imagine: you can eat afterwards these potatoes with garlic oil and get double effect!


All joking aside, to protect yourself and everybody around from the disease, you need to follow some recommendations:

* Strengthen your immunity as much as possible on an ongoing basis;

* don’t forget about personal hygiene, especially during epidemic;

* man’s home is his castle – regular wet cleaning and air hygiene will help protect the house from infections;

* take vitamins if you are in contact with the ill person.


Intermark Club wishes you good health in this tough time of epidemic. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and if you hate apples, just pay attention to the tips above.

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Author: Ekaterina Znak

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