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  • Fri 03 2020
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Having arrived in Moscow, we, first of all, hurry up to visit the most iconic places. Of course, the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park are a must-see but it is no less intriguing to find out something unusual and not well-known. Believe it or not but we are convinced that you still have not seen Moscow if you haven’t been to these places. It is a good time to bypass the traditional “Top-Places to Visit in Moscow” list and find new museums that will be of interest to everybody: to adults, young people and children.


Moscow City Museum

Visit the Moscow City Museum, Russia’s first and only museum of skyscrapers and high-rise construction. Located on the 56th floor of the Empire skyscraper, right in the epicenter of Moscow’s business hub, the museum has an unforgettable panoramic view of the city’s major landmarks from 215 meters above ground level.

The museum is divided into two parts, the history of high-rise architecture in Moscow and the history of Moscow City. In the historical part of the exposition, you will discover how Moscow grew tall, from the bell tower of Ivan the Great to Stalin’s Seven Sisters and the Moscow-City skyscrapers. Also, here is your chance to:

  • Enjoy the best view of Moscow;
  • Take a guided tour of the museum;
  • Interact with the exhibits;
  • Experience a breathtaking VR-flight over Moscow.


Location: 6 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya Bldg. 2, Entrance 3, «Vystavochnaya» metro station



Bunker-42 and Cold War Museum at Taganka

It is a very unique underground facility, the only one declassified military object in Russia, which locates at a depth of 65 meters under the ground in the center of Moscow, as an anti-nuclear bunker. The underground facility includes: Cold War Interactive Museum, conference rooms, banquet halls, and a restaurant, fully-equipped with state of the art technical and lighting facilities.

Here you can experience the tense atmosphere that prevailed in Moscow during the Cold War and learn about life in this underground bunker, see the USSR’s Ministry of Defense bunker, and even get access to many levels of secret Bunker-42. Then, you may visit the Cold War Museum and get a crash-course on USSR history. This is the closest you can get to an authentic experience of Moscow during the Cold War years. It is your great chance to engage a trip back in time!


Location: 11 5th Kotelnicheski Lane, «Taganskaya» metro station


Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (also known as Memorial Museum of Astronautics) was opened on April 10, 1981, to mark 20 years since Yuri Gagarin’s achievement as the first person to orbit the earth. It celebrates the history of Russia’s 20th-century space travel achievements, with around 85,000 items on space technology, astronomy, and space travel! There are also taxidermy space dogs, including Belka and Strelka. The museum is contained in the base of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space.

Museum exposition gives a retrospect on how Soviet space science evolved starting from first man-made satellites subsequently followed by the first manned space flight, first space walks, Moon exploration programs, Solar system exploration programs and international space research programs. Intricate interior design and unusual exposition altogether created a unique individuality of the Museum. What is more, the Museum shows the newly accumulated information and latest technologies as well.


Location: 111 Prospekt Mira, «VDNKh» metro station


Experimentanium Science Museum

The museum provides an interactive exhibition covering all basic fields of science. Each area is full of exhibits that can be – and have to be! – interacted with: explore, gather, solve puzzles, twist. There are over 300 interactive exhibits in the collection – and all of them can be touched, operated, manipulated. You can participate in all of those experiments yourself. The museum features exhibits on mechanics, optics, acoustics, electricity and magnetism, hydrodynamics (water-themed exhibits) and puzzles. Also, it hosts Science Shows and feature a 360⁰ Cinema – the Cupulus.


Location: 80 Leningradskii prospekt, Bldg. 11, «Sokol» metro station



Museon park is an open-space museum that houses numerous pieces of Soviet history along with other pieces of art. It is located just opposite Gorky Park’s central entrance however it has a totally different atmosphere. There are many astonishing statues that may capture your interest, so have a lot of time to spare to explore every corner of the park. To make up the burned calories, visit local cafes and taste one of the most delicious home-made marmalade in the city and then head to the riverbank, where you will see a huge 100m statue of a man, standing on a ship – that’s Peter the Great, the one, who paved the way for Russia to Europe.

Location: 2 Krymskiy Val, «Oktyabrskaya» metro station



Bulgakov Museum

How did Mikhail Bulgakov find himself in Moscow? And why did he make his home at flat № 50? Why was the flat called «The Odd Flat» in Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel «The Master and Margarita»? Which tenants of the house became prototypes of Bulgakov’s heroes and why? Did Annushka really exist? Which of his literary works did Mikhail Bulgakov write here? What is house № 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya street famous for? If you are interested in Russian literature, you will be fascinated to find out answers to these questions here, in the Bulgakov Museum.


Location: App.50, floor 4, entrance 6, 10, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, «Mayakovskaya» metro station


As you can see, you can find almost any type of museum or exhibition in Moscow. So don’t stop exploring and discovering new places. Who knows what you will find?

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