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How to recover strength after a working day? Where to spend the weekend without leaving the city? Perhaps these questions worry many people. In the crazy rhythm of the city each of us dreams to find the place where you are given a smile and can take care of your health. We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of the fabulous country in South-East Asia – Thailand!

To relax the mind and rejuvenate the body, to get a true delight is now quickly and easily even in the center of Moscow!

In spa – salons «Wai Thai»  Ostozhenka there is a unique corner of Thailand, taken into consideration the smallest details so that you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable harmony of the Smile Country.

In the salons highly qualified masters work who came from Thailand, owning all the necessary techniques and methods of quality massage. They will give maximum attention to you and pick up an individual approach when selecting any procedure according to your wishes.

Like Thailand, spa-salons «Wai Thai»  are famous for the traditional Thai massage, which is known by several names: Thai massage, Thai Yoga, Nuat phaen boran, passive yoga, and others. In essence this massage consists of two components, cleverly combined into one whole. This acupressure – is the impact on problem areas through pressure on certain points of the body (a sort of reflex therapy) and a set of exercises, from the practice of yoga, such as twisting and stretching.

Thai traditional massage technique is based on the effects of using the feet, elbows, wrists. Due to this soft power effects, there is elaboration on the deeper muscles and tissues of our body.

If you have a sedentary and inactive life, want to relieve stress and get rid of chronic fatigue – Thai traditional massage is what you need.

Traditional Thai massage is performed in comfortable clothes, lying on the mat. Quiet music, aromatherapy, candles, and benevolent mood of the master – all contributes to the harmonious and meditative immersion and relaxation.

But for the above stated, Thai massage improves blood circulation, affects metabolism, relieves benightedness and fatigue in the muscles, increases mobility of joints, and as a result increases your efficiency. Eventually the traditional Thai massage is to bring your body into an equilibrium condition due to the inflow of vital forces.

Must have program from «Wai Thai», including the all favorite foot-massage and massage of the neck – collar zone, is the  «Hit to fatigue». The increased effect on legs and neck-collar area will allow even the most tired workers to get rid quickly of tension and stress with restoring the lost strength. As you know, feet – is projection of the energy points of the human body, inextricably linked to all the internal organs. This is why foot massage in the Thai philosophy is an incredibly important part of harmony and health of the entire organism as a whole. It can harmonize all the necessary processes in the human body.

Combining foot massage with massage of the neck and collar area, you remove both the physical muscle clamps, and emotional stress. In the caring hands of Thai masters you feel extremely easy. Complete relaxation, dive into the atmosphere of silence and calmness, light emotional state without trouble – this is so necessary for every person to maintain the physical and spiritual health in the modern metropolis!


In «Wai Thai» you will be offered the luxurious Thai Aroma oil massage – is a full body relaxation complex, combining a muscular, pinpoint massage, soft manual therapy and extraordinary tenderness of hands with aromatic oils.

Thai oil massage is the combination of two treatment functions: relaxing massage and aromatherapy, which makes this procedure very enjoyable. The main purpose of Aroma oil massage-relaxing is a soothing and regenerating effect on the nervous system. That is why oil massage can be considered the ideal means of combating the stress.

In the process of Aroma massage the master gently, but at that deeply enough massaging the muscles, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and the skilful effect on reflex zones restores the free flow of energy through the body. Aromatherapy enhances the effect.

The essential components of vegetable oils reflexively effect on nerve endings, capillaries and biologically active spots, including the limbic system of the brain, which leads to relaxation, improves mood and makes you forget about all your troubles.

Influence of oil massage on the skin cannot be underestimated. After the procedure the skin is delicate and fragrant. Oils give it elasticity, nourish, moisturize and tone.

For those wishing to bring their body in shape the menu of SPA-cares «Wai Thai» there are two kinds of Thai Slim-massage – with the cooling and warming effect. Slim massage performed by professional Thai masters is based on the technology of a deep and intensive massage of tissues. Its main purpose – is correction of the body. The procedure can remove local fat deposits, even in those places, which are considered to be the most difficult – abdomen, buttocks, waist, back and hips.

Treat yourself to a relaxing and wellness programs in the network of «Wai Thai». At the end of each procedure, you will be offered ginger tea, prepared by Thai masters according to traditional recipes.

You are welcome!


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