Russian Birch

Help your neighbor!

Orphans, poor families, the house of mercy, lonely old men, disabled people, Orthodox shelters and many other people in need are waiting for your help!

Charitable Foundation “Russian Birch” officially began its activities on June 15, 2005. Oksana Garnaeva, the creator of the Fund, named it after her grandfather, the Hero of the Soviet Union Y. A. Garnaev. The main objectives of the Fund are to provide material and other types of social assistance to the social categories in need, to attract the attention of the public and the business community to the problems of people in need and to develop effective forms and methods of work with them.

To achieve the goals of its activities, the Fund established:

The only house of Mercy in the Moscow region for temporary stay of single mothers/fathers with children, crisis pregnant women, graduates of orphanages and boarding schools and other categories of people in need.

How to help the wards

We are happy to be a part of Intermark Relocation Team! To help you can leave any things at the Intermark office.

Intermark helping the Fund:

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