Labyrinth Shooting Range

12 Kutuzovskiy prospekt

Our shooting range is located in the building constructed in 1875 as a part of the “Tryokhgorny” brewery. For more then 130 years this building had been used as a malt-house. In 2006 brewery was closed and building was proclaimed as the monument of industrial architecture. Brewery equipment was removed but archs, walls, chandeliers were remained untouched as it were in 19th century.

This building consists of a number of long space halls with high ceiling. Most of them have not been repaired yet. But there is a big reconstructed “entertainment core” where you can get a lot of fun. Here we’ve got: 2 archery shooting galleries, airgun shooting gallery and knife throwing hall. Also we have a banquet hall, hall with ping-pong and even a mini skating rink. So we’re sure you’ll have a great time in our shooting range!

Archery shooting, Knife throwing, Pneumatic shooting range – 1500 RUB for Intermark Club Members


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