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KidZania is a children’s edutainment park where everything is just like in a real city. Here children can try more than 100 interesting professions, gain useful knowledge and unforgettable experience.

Here everyone can be whoever he or she want to be!

KidZania is not like other entertainment parks. Here we do not indulge in children’s whims — instead we offer them useful knowledge, experiences and a chance to be independent.

Children can try more than 100 professions at our park.

KidZania is designed for children from 4 to 16 years old.

Entertaining and educational

When children visit KidZania, they see a hospital, a university, a theater — everything that you can see in a real city. Children can come and try out lots of different professions. In fact, they are capable of many incredible things: they can fly a plane, make TV shows, become firefighters, conduct research in the lab, go on secret missions and perform on stage.

Together with Intermark Club KidZaina organizes special events for our members.

+7 495 232-54-32

Aviapark Shopping Center, 4th floor, 4 Khodynskiy blvd

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