Dubovaya Roscha

There are hundreds of animals in Moscow waiting for people’s help.

Two years ago Intermark began to support the dog shelter “Dubovaya Roscha”  This shelter in the north of Moscow near Ostankino Tower accommodates over 800 homeless dogs.

Shelter is poorly supported by the government and always needs help: help with food, water, dog walks, dogs’ cages heat insulation, treatment and many other things. We decided that It’s not complicated to help! We just need to start do this.

And we began to help. First we started to collect help for animals  inside of the office; our team brought food, medicine and old clothes, which could warm dogs in winter. But very soon we decided that there are a lot of people who also want to help and we created a charity box, which was installed in our partners’ compound. Residents of compound are really kind and they have already collected about hundreds kilos of food and kilos of warm clothes for animals!

International school of Moscow also recently took part in shelter supporting and sent about 90 kilos of dog food to the shelter.

We are very proud of all our partners and our Intermark team, who don’t forget to do a kind and good things and support homeless animals. For us it a small and easy help, but for animals – it’s huge.

If someone wants to visit shelter, to know dogs better, feed or walk with them, we will be happy to organize it.

We are happy to accept your things in our office.

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