Deborah Hoehner Photographs


My name is Deborah Hoehner and I am a freelance portrait and documentary photographer in Moscow, Russia.

I have been taking photos all my life but on a typical amateur film and point-and-shoot camera. Having always been a person who is best inspired visually and also being influenced by other photographers, in the year of 2009 I wanted to take my photography to a different level. This journey began here in the great city of Moscow.

There were a wide variety of opportunities to develop, whether taking photos of families, friends, babies, artists, at events, press conferences, theaters, concerts, and the list goes on. Several years ago my sister-in-law, Caren, and I started a photo blog, and little did we know that we would both eventually launch photography businesses.

Looking through all the photos of my family, our descendants, and my life, the past few years, just reinforced my desire to give other people memories that they could keep forever. Moments can’t be repeated in the exact same way!

If you book a session, please mention “Intermark” and you will receive a 10% discount off the photo session fee.

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