The Night of Arts in Moscow 2019 – November, 3-4th

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Night of Arts is an artistic and cultural event in Moscow that is ideal for all art lovers – and what is also important – is entirely free. Held on November 3rd, the fete keeps you, as you may have guessed from its name, up through much of the night. Wander through galleries, catch live performances and roam streets illuminated by dreamlike installations. And remember: this night you are part of the happenings, too.

Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors in Moscow each year, Night of Arts sees dozens of Moscow museums, city galleries and parks transform into one global stage. Expect everything from interactive children exhibitions, performances from the best theatre and ballet artists, light and dance installations to live music and surprising, specially set up venues.

Read our article to learn more about this year’s Night of Arts program, and tips on how to make the most of the long, hypnotic night.


But first, let us provide you with some useful recommendations to make this event enjoyable and unforgettable for you:

1. Every year, more and more cultural venues in Moscow join the program of the Night of Arts. That means that you will have to take a lot of effort to find time and visit the best events of this night. Intermark Club team recommends its readers (especially the very youngest of them) to give the body enough rest during the daytime, on the eve of the event. This will save you from aching pain in your feet by the end of the night, and allow you to fully enjoy the show.

2. Night of Arts is best experienced by the lazy stroll along the city streets. You might choose two or three the most interesting events to focus your evening around, and then leave the rest of your time to discover the city. In other words, be adventurous, be curious and don’t be afraid to explore something new along the way.

3. Be prepared to take the best of this evening: charge your phone, camera and other devices, download offline maps or take the paper one with you in case you lose Internet connection. Moscow metro and public transport can be quite crowded in the evening and through the night, so take care and download taxi apps like Yandex or Uber.

4. November in Moscow can be chilly and wet, we recommend you to dress warmly for the occasion and bring waterproof jacket and shoes to avoid sogginess.

While everyone has their own approach and taste, here is a list of top events during the Night of Arts 2019 for you to enjoy your weekend:


In the business hall of the Kazansky railway station (which thanks to the great Soviet artist Yevgeny Lansere, looks like a Baroque-era decorated chamber),  Bel Suono piano trio will premiere their unique mix of classical and contemporary music  – “The Nocturnal Serenade for Trains.”

The program also features performances of opera vocalists and symphonic orchestras.

When: November 3rd, 6:30 PM – 01:00 AM

Where: 2, Komsomolskaya square (Kazansky railway station, Komsomolaskaya metro station)

The hall of the Kievsky railway station will host dance and music performances with the participation of artists of popular city ensembles. Visitors will witness different forms of art, listen to classical music and beautiful night lullabies, and even become participants of dancing flash mobs.

When: November 3rd, 5:30-7:30 PM

Where: 1, the square of Kievsky railway station (Kievskaya metro station)


The Moscow Museum of Modern Art gives a unique opportunity to see for the first time in Russia a large-scale project of Yoko Ono’s art “Sky Is Always Clear”, featuring her legendary textual «Instructions», reenactments of the artist’s classical performances and her video art. Yoko Ono’s art marries the methods of the 1960s artistic movements, with their denial of figurative imagery for the sake of pure concepts and the search for the answer to the question: «what is art?», and the traditions of oriental philosophical schools on the basis of the elements of Zen Buddhism.

When: November 3rd, 6-11 PM

Where: 25, Petrovka St. (Chekhovskaya, Trubnaya metro stations)


As part of the Night of Arts, the entertainment program “Neon Night” will be held in Feyeria club.

The “pass” to the event will be the neon bracelets that each participant will receive at the entrance. The club premises will be divided into several theme zones. In the creative workshop the guests of the evening will be able to create their individual work using neon colors and decorate any interior. Take a quest trough a dark mysterious labyrinth; just with the help of flashlight try to find a way out of it.

When: November 3rd, 5-7 PM

Where: 12 bld. 2,  26 Bakinskikh Komissarov St. (Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station)


This evening the organizers at Moskontsert on Pushechnaya offer you a chance to forget about November rain and enjoy the passionate Spanish flamenco and magnificent images created by the famous Frida Kahlo. Inextricable mix of expressive dance, rhythmic guitar and vibrant dramatic singing.

In the program:

El Tebi Flamenco dance ensemble, Carina La Dulce (vocals), Alejandro Reyes (vocals), El Glepe (guitar), and also the amazing sand animation performed by Lilia Chistina.

When: November 3rd, 3-4:30 PM

Where: 4, Pushechnaya St. (Kuznetsky most, Lubyanka metro stations)


For the Night of Arts the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow prepared a special program: video-art digest by the Rodchenko School, the plastic performance “Performance Of Life. Quarter Past Eight ” by ARTICULI Dance Company, as well as a special show by the Dutch artist Heidi Hörsturz, and video art “Hidden Subtitles” – the collaboration by the contemporary Russian and American video artists.

When: November 3rd, 6:30PM – 12AM

Where: 16, Ostozhenka St. (Kropotkinskaya metro station)


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow welcomes its guests to enjoy the rich art collections and a special interactive program “Fluid Motion”. It is a dance installation by Moscow Ballet that will help the audience understand how energy of movement, the vibes are distributed from dancers to the spectators. The same process of energy transfer occurs when the viewer interacts with works of art in the museum. The emotional charge that the human body carries within itself is capable of breaking through material and spiritual boundaries. “A ritual” will be presented to the audience, in which the observer is no less important than the performer”.

When: November 3rd, 6-10PM

Where: 12, Volkhonka St. (Kropotkinskaya metro station)

Note: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts offers you the opportunity to be a part of this special event and avoid the long queues by registering online. Unlike any basic registration process, this one requires your knowledge of history of art, as it’s going to be an online quiz (starting from 6PM on the Museum’s official page)


During the Night of Arts the Museum of Russian Impressionism and the Moscow Ballet will show a collaborative production “The Transcription of Color”.

The dance performance will be performed in the space of the recently opened exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish Art”. The paintings will serve not only as inspiration for choreographers and dancers, but also as an integral part of the performance. The dancers’ costumes will reflect the different colors of the paintings – from red and yellow to gray and black.

The sophisticated and dynamic music of John Adams in dialogue with an expressive but elegant dance interpretation by Spanish choreographer Juanjo Arques let the audience to see the interaction of different colors in their own way.

When: November 3rd, 9-11PM

Where: 15, Leningradsky pr-kt (Belorusskaya metro station)


The Night of Arts in Moscow is one of the most popular events every year, gathering hundreds of thousands people to see the unique performances and colorful shows by the best local and international artists. Offering the rich program by the city’s museums, galleries, theatres and cultural centres, The Night of Arts Festival would like to invite everyone in Moscow to discover their own inner artist.


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Author: Eugenia Gonzales



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