International Women’s Day in Moscow Parks

  • Fri 03 2020
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Parks will be celebrating women, spring, music and Moscow with outdoor photo exhibitions. Various festive programs will be held on the territory of 18 Moscow parks. So, this year Muscovites have a big range of activities to choose from: you can participate in flower races, learn how to plant primroses, visit a fitness festival, and many more. We’ve prepared TOP-5 parks to visit with FREE programs, enjoy!

Gorky Park

In Gorky Park, the celebration of International women’s day will be held at four sites at once. A professional artist will be waiting for guests at the “Voskhod” ice rink. It will take him about 10 minutes to draw a sketch portrait of any representative of the fair sex. In addition to the drawing, girls and women will be presented with a bouquet from the Park’s partners.

In the evening, there is going to be a traditional concert at the “Voskhod” skating rink. At 7 PM you can listen to Moscow band MyHoliday. Their music is an ideal soundtrack for a slow ride through the ice paths of the evening park.

Bauman Garden

In the tent near the ice rink from 2 PM to 5 PM everyone can take part in a master class on creating floral watercolor. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, you will be able to learn various art techniques. Each participant will feel like a real artist and walk up to a canvas and paint a unique bouquet. What is more, there is going to be a disco on ice and fun contests. On a festive holiday women can enter the ice rink for free and take a few photos for Instagram in a spring photo zone decorated with flowers.

Fili park

The annual Flower race will be organized for men in Fili Park. Its participants will be given flowers so that runners could present them to their beloved women after crossing the finish line. The event will start at 1 PM at the main entrance to the Park. The flower race will also be held in the Park of the 50th anniversary of October. Gathering of participants is at 1 PM at the Family Square. From 2 to 5 PM there is going to be a concert program.




Tagansky Park

Tagansky Park invites guests to a fitness festival on International Women’s Day. Free master classes on various types of dance and sports will be held on the main stage from 11 PM to 1 PM. Participants will be able to learn Zumba movements, as well as perform dances with drumsticks. Free master classes in kickboxing, Thai Boxing and other martial arts will be held on the site of martial arts at the Fountain square. Classes start at 11 AM.

Moreover, the Fountain square will have a children’s area from 11 AM to 2 PM. Children from the age of six and their parents are welcome to participate in fun relay races, outdoor games and master classes in fitness aerobics and hip-hop.

Izmailovo Park

Children from the age of three can attend free master classes and create postcards in various techniques in Izmailovo Park. Classes will be held there from 3 PM to 6 PM.

On March 8, women also are welcome to visit the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya hill for free. A special holiday program will entertain the guests, and visitors will enjoy free excursions, quizzes, a music concert and master classes.

Festive program for March 8 in city parks:


  • Gorky park:

– 12-3 PM – master classes;

– 12-5 PM – marathon “Flowers for loved ones!”

-6 PM – concert in “Media cabin”.


  • Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill:

– 11 AM-5 PM-photo zone operation;

– 1-5 PM-interactive program;

– 1-2:30PM-master classes.

  • Garden “The Hermitage»:

– 10 AM-11 PM – free entrance to the rink for women;

– 2 -5 PM – photo zone operation.


  • Bauman Garden:

-10 AM-10 PM – free entrance to the rink for women;

-2-5 PM – disco;

-2-5 PM – master classes in watercolor painting.

  • Babushkinsky Park:

-1-5 PM – concert;

-3-5 PM – master classes for children.

  • Kuzminki Park:

– 1-7 PM – performances of musicians, interactive program;

– 1-6 PM – master classes;

  • Fili Park:

– 1 -2 PM — Flower race;

– 2-5 PM — concert.

  • October 50th anniversary Park:

– 1-2 PM — Flower race;

– 2-5 PM — concert.

  • Tagansky Park:

– 11 AM-2 PM — fitness festival.


Hope we gave you some fresh ideas, how to spend the tender holiday of March 8! No mater, what park you will chose, and even if you decide to celebrate the other way, we are sure that this day will be fantastic!

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Author: Regina Muzalevskaya

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