Halloween Party: Dress Like A Character Of Russian Fairytale

  • Thu 10 2019
  • by intermark

If you think that Halloween is celebrated only in western countries, then you are slightly  mistaken. It gradually gains popularity among local citizens and becomes one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. There is no doubt, the thing that makes people go crazy and excites them the most  during Halloween celebrations is costumes. When else can you wear a costume of a Marvel comic book character and not look as if you went off the rails? However, it is not the best idea to dress like a vampire or, let’s say, a witch. Today overused Halloween costumes surprise no one. We suggest you to put on a costume of Baba Yaga; it will certainly blow everyone’s mind. We’d like to demonstrate you several characters from famous Russian myths and fairy tales that may serve you as inspiration for your own Halloween costume.



This character basically looks like an elderly man with a huge beard and mustache but still he has some specific features that make him unique: green skin covered with algae, paws instead of hands, fishy tail, flippers etc. He lives in ponds, swamps and frequently shows up near water mills. Vodyanoy is not exactly an evil figure, but he is cunning and tricky. If you are willing to ask him a favour, you have to be stealth.

Vasilisa the Beautiful

This is one of  the most favourite female  characters among the Russians. It is a young girl with a long braid  who appears before our eyes in  a traditional dress and kokoshnik (women’s headdress in Old Russia). This heroine embodies the best  traits of our nation: hard work, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience  and wisdom.

Koschei the Immortal

Who if not Koschei the Immortal can strike  fear and leave an unforgettable impression on every listener? In a nutshell, it is a fairy tale hero that astounds cruelty and malevolence. His power is so great that you can’t help sympathizing his rivals. Still if you ask us what he looks like, we won’t be able to provide you with  the exact description. His appearance is constantly changing. His principal distinctive characteristics include long beard,  boniness and old age.

Baba Yaga

This character definitely made her name herself. It is an old lady  with a crooked nose and tumbled hair, who  wears dirty clothes and  lives in a hut on chicken legs that is located  in  deep woods . Baba Yaga never walks on foot, she uses her flying broomstick instead. Her character can  be both kind and wicked: her image varies  from tale to tale. On the one hand, she can be shrewd and ruthless, on the other – big-hearted and genial. The character has such a multifaceted nature that she can hardly ever  leave  anyone  indifferent.


Leshy is the forest keeper. As the previously mentioned character  he is rather ambiguous. This mythical character is considered to be hostile to people, however, he is not used to hurting anyone on purpose. He just likes playing around although at first glance  his jokes may seem rude and primitive. Let’s say, he is  wired this way. He is also pretty kind. He will never refuse to help.


This mythical character is generally  associated with heat and summer. She is viewed as a  beautiful girl in a white dress with long blonde hair. Nevertheless,  her  appearance is quite deceptive, not to say the least. She is an anti-heroine. Commonly meeting her in the field or on the road  can end up with you being in danger. And, to be frank,  to outrun her is impossible. Though once in a blue moon you can avoid terrible consequences.

Yes, Halloween is rightly considered to be a true highlight of the year. We really hope that you are not going to stay away and participate in this holiday’s celebration. We truly believe that our costume ideas will help you to spice things up and that your costumes will go like a bomb.


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Author: Polina Dukach



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