Halal and Kosher Food in Moscow

  • Wed 02 2020
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Russia is a multicultural and multinational state and Moscow, as the capital, could not but reflect this peculiarity. Thus, Moscow is oriented towards all people including their cultural and national features. It also concerns food! For those who prefer halal and kosher food, we have prepared top places, where everyone can savor halal and kosher dishes.


TOP – 5 restaurants and cafes



  1. Meat and dairy restaurant “Shtetl”
  2. It is kosher restaurant with two cuisines, a dairy and a meat one, in the Moscow Jewish Community Center in Maryina Roshcha. The interior is in the spirit of a Belarusian town: the windows are decorated with red and white curtains and “birches” on the sides. The menu is large; all dishes are very homely and traditional. There is a gehakte fish (360 rubles), a Jewish carp, mincemeat (220 rubles), a delicious chicken stock, the famous “esseg flash” (beef stewed with prunes), chicken neck, traditional pastries. There is also a fairly large selection of Caucasian dishes: kebab (from chicken), traditional snacks: phali, gurian cabbage and lobio.

Address: Vysheslavtsev per., 5a

+7 (495) 645−50−00

Working hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 12PM – 11PM



  1. Meat Restaurant “Jerusalem”

This is the most unusual Kosher restaurant in Moscow. Firstly, it is located on the roof of the synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya, from where an amazing view of the Moscow rooftops opens. Secondly, it is a restaurant, where mountains Jews traditionally gather, which, in turn, provides a warm friendly atmosphere. The cuisine here is mainly Caucasian: Azerbaijani, Georgian. There are several traditional Ashkenazi dishes, such as mincemeat and stuffed neck.

You should pay attention to the restaurant’s working hours: from Monday to Thursday, its doors are open from 11:00 to 00:00, on Friday from 11:00 until two hours before sunset, and on Saturdays Jerusalem is open only in winter and only from 19:00 to 00:00.

Address: Synagogue, Bolshaya Bronnaya, 6

+7 (495) 690−62−66

Working hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-12AM Sun 11AM-12AM



  1. Café  “Meat Me”

If expensive restaurants are not for you, try nourishing Jewish fast food. The main dish here is pita with various fillings. Everything looks very appetizing, especially prices. Hummus with falafel on pita – 160 rubles, beef stewer with french fries – 350, sabih – 180.

Address: st. Shabolovka 29, building 2

Working hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM



  1. Mitzva Bar
  2. The dishes of Israeli, Ashkenazi and Sephardic cuisines are served in the stylish bar ,with Jewish and Masonic symbols in its interior, on Pyatnitskaya. You can order lamb tajine with couscous, tender hummus, meze with matzo, shakshuku with mushrooms or vegetables. Some products are kosher.

Adress: Pyatnitskaya, d. 3/4, p. 1

Workind hours: Mon – Thu 6PM – 3AM, Fri 6PM – 5AM, Sat 6PM-5AM, Sun 6PM – 3AM



  1. Café “Shokoladnitsa”
  2. Kosher “Shocoladnitsa” is the first and the only one in Moscow and declared as a dairy restaurant. It has kosher certificate and mezuzah. There are no meat dishes on the menu, but you can find a lot of familiar dishes from the usual Shocoladnitsa: the same pancakes, pasta, the same smoothies and cream and berry desserts. Generally, prices are also the same.

Address: Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 32k1

+7 (495) 935−73−54

Working hours: Mon-Thu 8AM–11PM, Fri 8AM-4:AM, Sun 10AM-11PM


TOP – 5  shops and markets


  1. HalMart

HalMart presents a complete line of Halal food products: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and other. There are fully halal products with favorable prices.

Address: Raevsky d. 3

Working hours: Mon-Sun 9AM – 10PM



  1. Pardes

Pardes is the biggest kosher grocery store in Moscow. There you can find everything: from the household chemicals to wine and from ice cream to lamb. There are a wide range of meat, different types of minced meat. The meat is sold both frozen and chilled. This is perhaps the main and very significant advantage of Pardes over the other stores selling kosher meat. The fact is that Pardes buys meat from both Israeli suppliers and the Elyon kosher workshop (Ramensky Combine). Sausages and other prepared meat products are of very high quality here.

Address: Obraztsova, 19, p. 9

+7 (495) 540−57−70

Working hours: Sun-Thu 9AM−9PM, Fri 9AM – 5PM



Elyon is the only kosher meat plant in Russia. Although the Elyon shop is a factory store prices are the same as in the “Pardes” but the range of meat products is wider.

Address: Oktyabr’skaya street, 18

+7 (919) 770−67−70

Working hours: Sun – Thu 9AM-9PM, Fri – 9AM-2:30PM



Market and catering “Shuk”

It is not only a restaurant but a market, where you can buy prepared food of Israeli cuisine but also any ingredients, if you want to cook something kosher at home. There are hummus, falafel, forshmak and other traditional Israeli dishes on the menu. And they are famouse for their HUGE PORTIONS!!!

Address: Veskovsky per., 7

Working hours: Mon-Sun: 8AM-11PM


  1. Kosher – Gourmet

Supermarket “Kosher – Gourmet” is located within easy walking distance of the synagogue. It presents a wide range of kosher products. You can provide yourself with kosher products from “A” to “Z”, without limiting your desires. 70% of all goods are delivered directly from Israel.

Address: Novosuschevskaya st. 15

Working hours: Sun – Thu 9AM-10PM, Fri 9AM-6PM

Live luxury – eat Kosher! 


You have got acquainted with the best places of halal and kosher food. We hope that you will use our advices and definitely enjoy the meal! Although Moscow is very multifaceted, everyone’s tastes run toward it! Bon appétit à toi!

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Author: Elena Surovtseva


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