Emergency Situations In Russia: 1. City

  • Mon 12 2019
  • by intermark

Today Moscow is a much safer place than it used to be some time ago. Still, like in all big cities, you would better to be on the lookout in order not to get in trouble and become a victim of fraud. We present to you the first article of the series dedicated to emergency situations that you may face living in Russia & how to deal with them.

Created together by Intermark Club team & Intermark Immigration Dept., this article will provide you with some useful tips that will show you how to successfully manage stressful and inconvenient situations which you may find yourself in.


You were robbed or became a witness of an offence

First and foremost, if you are mugged or you’re a witness of a crime scene, contact your embassy and seek their counsel. Then report to the police station.  There try to explain the situation and in case you  managed to take a close look at the thief’s appearance describe it in as much detail as possible.  It is also desirable to tell the policeman which direction he escaped in. It will help to catch a criminal much quicker.

In case of theft of the passport, it is necessary to inform immediately the police station at the place of the crime or at the place of your registration. Then, with a certificate from the police, apply to the Consulate of your country. Next, you will be able to get a new passport at the Consulate, without leaving the Russian Federation, but in some cases you will have to go to your country for the document’s issue. In this case, you will be given a special document for returning home, which has a limited validity and is not a full-fledged identity document.

Depending on your nationality and the presence/absence of international treaties between the Russian Federation and the country of your citizenship, the procedure for the restoration of documents may differ.

For example, citizens of the European Union (with some exceptions) in case of loss of identity documents on the territory of the Russian Federation can leave Russia without visas or other permits. In this case, diplomatic missions and consular offices of the country of foreigner’s citizenship in the Russian Federation issue an identity document so that the foreign citizen can leave the Russian Federation without a visa.

If the migration registration and/or migration card were stolen, it is necessary to apply for a duplicate to the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service, where the migration registration was previously issued,  within 3 days. But for registration of the duplicate it is necessary to show the passport. Therefore, in case of theft “all at once” first restore the passport.

! We strongly recommend you to contact your HR coordinator or your company’s representative to get quick response and appropriate assistance in case of emergency


You or someone around you needs urgent medical care

In case you or someone around you needs emergency treatment, call an ambulance. It’s necessary to provide the following information to the operator: what happened, your telephone number which you’re calling from, exact whereabouts, your or another person’s full name, age. The average arrival  time for Moscow ambulance is 10 minutes (unfortunately, the real arrival time often depends on road traffic). However, if you have a car and the person’s condition allows to get to the hospital by yourselves, you can do that without waiting for an ambulance team.

Your credit card was lost or stolen

If you lose your credit card, it’s essential to act swiftly. Otherwise a thief will be able to withdraw money from it quite easily. The first step will be to block your card. Call the bank that issued it. Browse the contact number online or write it down in advance and always keep it in your bag/smartphone. The second step – ask your bank to reissue a credit card. Note that if you have reference numbers of your lost card, it will make the process of reissuing much faster.

You were detained by the police on the street

In case you’re detained by police officers for some unclear reason, do not show resistance in any way. Instead try to cooperate with them. Inform them that you are a citizen of another country and under protection of your country’s embassy. You may politely demonstrate policemen that you know your rights by referring to necessary laws. As soon as you get a chance, call an embassy of your country and explain the situation.

According to the Russian law officers have no right to detain a person for more than 3 hours if they don’t have any evidence of guilt. In this case it’s relevant to have identification documents in original (e.g. a passport with a valid visa) with you and to answer all the questions posed to you. In some situations you can be detained for 48 hours in case the offence, which you’re blamed for, contemplates a penalty of arrest.



You had a car accident or became a witness of an accident

If you ever get in a car accident, the key advice is not to panic. You should turn on the alarm and place a warning triangle within 15 meters from the vehicle if it’s a town and within 30 meters if it’s outside built-up areas. It will help to avoid another accident. After that go behind the guard rail. In no way stay in your automobile.

We also recommend providing first aid in case someone is hurt. Please call the emergency services – 112 – if you witnessed road traffic accident and/or there is someone injured.

Important emergency numbers

112 – a universal number that you can dial in case of any emergency situation. This is a single number for all mobile operators. The message text is produced in Russian and in English.

Fire service:

01, 101, 112 – from a landline number

101 and 112 – from a mobile phone (for all mobile operators)


02,  102 – from a landline number

102, 112 – from a mobile phone (for all mobile operators)

Rescue service:

01, 101, 112 – from a landline number

101 and 112 – from a mobile phone (for all mobile operators)


03, 103 – from a landline number

103, 112 – from a mobile phone (for all mobile operators)

Gas Service:

04, 104 – from a landline number

104, 112 – from a mobile phone (for all mobile operators)

All in all, Russia can be considered to be a safe country, especially if you go to such major cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Vladivostok and etc. Still, once in a while you may face (and we hope, you will not) different sorts of challenges. These tips mentioned above will help you to overcome such difficulties with minimum stress.


Authors: Polina Dukach, Ekaterina Znak, Ekaterina Kozlova



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