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It is widely believed that autumn in Russia is rather depressing and gloomy. However, it is not true! In fact, it is a unique season which dazzles with its bright lively colors. No wonder it has always been a source of inspiration for many Russian poets and writers who praised the beauty of the autumn in their work. Read below about activities that are especially popular among local citizens and tourists, and how people of different ages like to spend their free time.


Visiting parks

If you don’t know what to do with your free time during weekend, VDNKh is a great chance to enjoy autumn weather while it’s still warm. The park offers different kinds of programs for all tastes.

Everyday guests of the park can turn table tennis and badminton into a real battle and therefore, have a great time playing outdoors.  There is a specially designated play area between pavilions №57 and №58. There you can rent all the necessary sports equipment for badminton (like rackets and a shuttlecock),  and for table tennis (like rackets, balls, net and a table). The table tennis and badminton area is equipped with 14 tables and 2 badminton nets.


Table tennis: sports equipment – from 100 rubles

Badminton: sports equipment – from 50 rubles

Equipment deposit – 1000 rubles


VDNH, the area between pavilions №57 and №58 (VDNKh metro station)


Weekdays – 11AM – 9PM

Weekends – 11AM – 10PM


Another park worth visiting this autumn is undoubtedly Sokolniki.  We are not mistaken by saying that this is one of the most splendid parks in our city.  This oasis amid concrete buildings invites you to try different sorts of outdoor activities.

In particular, we are willing to share with you the one that certainly will make your day brighter.  The project «Vsepogorka» is the all-the-year-round and all-weather activity. This is a long slide (the length – 200m, the height – 12 m), which has a specific surface.  There are also elevators that can lift you up to the very top for tubing.

P.S.  Children under 7 are not allowed.

Price: From 200 rubles to 300 rubles

Address: Sokolniki, 3rd Luchevoy Prosek (Sokolniki metro station)

Schedule: Friday, weekends and holidays, 11AM – 10PM



The bicycle renting point «Electra», that has a building of creative design in the very center of Moscow, invites you to rent a bicycle for several hours. The area, in which you can ride, is not restricted. You can easily set off to any part of the city of your choice. The stylish bicycles in a perfect condition, that will add the bright colors to your Instagram pictures, and will certainly catch an eye of each passerby, making you to stand out among the crowd on the streets. Even if you are feeling blue, the bright colors of your bike will lift your spirits for sure.

Price: 100-300 rubles (1h), deposit 2000 rubles (+passport)

Address: Krymsky Val, 10 (Oktyabr’skaya metro station)


Weekdays  11AM – 9PM

Weekends  11AM – 10PM


Running for charity

At the end of September you will be able to take part in the event that is organized by the non-profit organization «Zhizn Kak Chudo» (Life As A Wonder). It is a charity fund that is aimed at providing help to both adults and children from low-income families who suffer from severe liver diseases in Russia. If you like working out (and especially running) or you just want to participate in the local charity and support those in need, then this is a perfect opportunity. The money, raised from the event, will go to the non-profit organization «Zhizn Kak Chudo». There will be 5km and 10 km tracks for adults, 1 km track for children aged 7-14, and for the little ones organizers have also prepared a special safe 400m mini-track around the famous Vostok rocket.

Price: From 600 rubles

Address: Prospekt Mira, 119 (VDNKh metro station)

Schedule: September 28th, starting at 8AM


Top 5 places in Moscow area


1. The Horse Club «Sivka»

The Horse Club «Sivka», which is about 16 km away from Moscow, invites guests to try horse riding. Don’t worry, if you’ve never done it before!  Professional trainers will do their best to teach you this wonderful sport. However,  if you already have some experience, this is a perfect opportunity to improve your riding skills. This activity, which takes place in a beautiful area, surrounded by picturesque nature, will please both children and grown-ups. The club offers both individual and group lessons.

Price:  starting from ~1700 rubles per hour

Address: Russia, Moscow, Shchapovskoye settlement, Pyos’ye

How to get there:

By car:

– go south by Simferopolskoye shosse, travel time from MKAD – 30 minutes

– go south by Kaluzhskoye shosse to Krasnaya Pakhra, in Krasnaya Pakhra turn left

There are plenty of interesting things along the way, we recommend you to visit Alexandrovo-Shchapovo estate and its organ hall, Church of Our Lady of the Sign in Dubrovitsy built in the 17th century, and “holy spring” in Evseevo.

By public transport:

  • reach Podolsk by regional train from the station «Tsaritsyno» (Tsaritsyno metro station), then take a bus (№ 1024; 1032; 1034)  and get off in «Shchapovo-1»

Schedule: Mon-Sun , till 10PM.


2. Adventure Park

If you like leisure activities, then this place is definitely for you! Here everyone can find something according to his or her preferences. This entertainment center provides all sorts of activities that will make your adrenalin rise up in the veins. You can get through the maze with obstacles or climb a high-altitude route.  If you love rides, you can find them here too! In case you are interested in something less scary, try archery or  shooting range. Other activities include paintball, laser tag, climbing, bouncy castles that will be especially great for the little guests.

Price: from ~200 to 1800 rubles

Address: Adventure Park is located in Sergiyevo-Posadsky District;

How to get there:

Drive south by Yaroslavskoye Shosse, 46 km away from MKAD (mile marker «the 61st km»), then head another 2 kilometers towards Khotkovo

Time: Mon-Sun, 9AM – 10PM

For more detailed information: contact the organizers via email –


3. Windsurfing in Istra Club

This sport is gradually gaining popularity among people who love water. Everyone, who is either a newbie or an experienced  windsurfer,  can enjoy this type of activity just 50 km far from Moscow! The well-designed program will allow you to master quickly even the most difficult elements. The  training itself is of the highest quality. Windsurfing will teach you how to control your body and get out of your comfort zone.  The important thing is not to be scared to try something new!

Price: from 500 rubles (equipment) + your stay in the recreation area “ZVI Istra” should be paid, 200 rubles per day per person

Address: «ZVI Istra», Solnechnogorsky District, Pyatnitsa village

How to get there: By car – go by Pyatnitskoye Shosse to Pyatnitsa village (N56 05.041 E36 47.435). Travel time – 1 h 30 min


4. Quad biking in Grigorchikovo

Quad biking will certainly suit people who are daredevils at heart. The camp site, that is situated at the bank of the stunning river, provides prearranged routes for pleasure riding, specifically for families, or extreme routes with mud and enormous  puddles for various groups of people. All vehicles have been examined, consequently, there is no use worrying about your safety. If it has always been your dream, but you never dared to push your limits, then, undoubtedly, this activity is for you!

Price: from 4000 rubles

Address: Moscow area, Leninsky District, Volodarskoye settlement, Grigorchikovo

Schedule:  Mon-Sun9AM – 8PM


5. Kayaking Center

If  you are tired of the chaotic and monotonous life in Moscow and want to leave the city for some fresh air, then kayaking down the Moskva River in  Moscow area will definitely fulfill all your wishes. This marvelous tour will give you only positive emotions and make an unforgettable effect on you,  your family and friends. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy beautiful weather to the fullest while you still can! And don’t forget to put on comfortable clothes!

Price:  4500  rubles (for two)

Address: Zvenigorod, by train – from Belorussky station to Zvenigorod railway station (the price includes free shuttle service from Zvenigorod Station)

Time:  weekends and holidays: 10AM – 3PM

For more detailed information contact the organizers via WhatsApp +7 926 450-06-41


We do hope that we have managed to convice you with this range of activities, that you can do in autumn. No doubt, that every season has its own grey days, but like the famous quote says «beauty is in the eye of the beholder». So don’t waste your time, grab your family and friends & enjoy this spectacular season of the year outdoors together.

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Author: Polina Dukach

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