Astonishing Facts About Russian Nature

  • Mon 01 2019
  • by intermark

Almost everyone knows that Russia is a state that occupies a fifth of the land on our planet. What else can you say about Russia? We offer you interesting and amazing facts about our country. They can change the way you think about it.



– Russia is approximately equal in area to Pluto. Don’t believe? To make sure, just look at any map of the world



– the coast of Russia is washed by twelve seas

– Siberian taiga is the world’s largest forest

– the deepest lake on Earth – lake Baikal

– in Altai there are about 800 glaciers, with a total area of 600 km/sq

– the valley of geysers, on the territory of the Kamchatka reserve, is the only one in Eurasia and one of the largest in the world

– the Manpupuner rock formations in the Urals are considered one of the wonders of Russia. Their name in the Komi language means “Mountain of idols”


Ridges, peaks and volcanoes:

– the Khibiny mountains – the highest mountain of the country

– Ural mountains are the oldest mountains of the planet that divide Russia into Asian and European parts

– Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the world’s largest active volcano

– Elbrus is the highest volcano in the Caucasus and one of the most popular destinations for climbers in the world

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