7 Tips That Will Help You Beat Autumn Blues In Moscow

  • Tue 10 2019
  • by intermark

It is about that time when Russian capital changes its look and everything around acquires shades of yellow, orange and red. Yes! We are speaking about autumn, the season which was viewed by Russian classical writers as something extraordinary that could strike a chord in your soul. However, it is not uncommon when tourists coming to Moscow this time of the year start complaining about dull weather and constant raining. No doubt, it is partly true! Below we will try to show you several ways to beat autumn blues and to keep your mood up.


1. Beat the autumn chill with sbiten

Wanna try something new and at the same time warm yourself up on a cold day? The Russian traditional drink is considered to be a “a cure for all disease”. For those who lead a healthy lifestyle, there is a non-alcoholic variant. But if you don’t mind loosening up a bit, then an alcoholic sbiten will certainly lighten up the moment.


2. Don’t be afraid to turn yourself into a child again

What other season, if not autumn, can make you feel like a child? Grab your kids and go to the nearest park. It is a perfect time not only for children but for adults too! Join your kids and frolic together among fallen leaves. You may also collect them and come up with some exciting contest (i.g.“ the best leaf craft”). Believe us, it’s gonna be fun!


3. Laziness is not a way out

Every now and then our bed becomes our best friend. We don’t wanna go out, and watching series on Netflix seems to be our only favourite hobby. But there is another alternative to fight boredom. Sport is the best remedy. It not only helps to stay fit, but improves your mood too! Buy a gym membership or go to the swimming pool. Either way do something!
By the way, this October the gastronomic festival “Golden Autumn” is held. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy original cuisine, folk music concerts, masterclasses and sports activities. The festival will take place in various city locations.
Where: Red Square (Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Biblioteka im. Lenina metro stations)
When: from 4 to 13 October
Weekdays: 11AM – 21PM
Weekends: 10AM – 22PM
Price: free


4. Just relax

If you are not a sports fan, don’t worry, we won’t judge you! We have another tip in mind to get rid of the seasonal depression. And it is water parks and traditional Russian baths! Who needs seaside resorts, when you can just go to an indoor water park and get the energy charge for the rest of the week? And Russian baths are well known for their therapeutic effect. Moscow provides numerous «healing» places where you can relax your mind, body and soul. Read more about it here.


5. Food can actually help (Note: this tip is for people who don’t stick to any diet)

When the rain seems endless and you are dying for sunlight, the only right thing to do is to grab something to eat. What can make you feel better if not some good food? Just imagine what would it be – delicious desserts like cream puff cakes, pancakes, or maybe Mediterranian cuisine? Or maybe you’re more into Mexican hot&tasty cuisine? Already feel hungry?  Well, sorry, we didn’t mean to upset you. But you can listen to our podcast with the popular Moscow bloger (and expat herself) Lisa Rowe and find out the best cafes & restaurants in Moscow for every taste. Look for Episode 4 of our series of podcasts, you can listen & download it (both on Android and iOS) here.


6. Paying money for the time you spend – is it crazy?

Wanna hide from horrible weather in some warm place and chill out with your friends? Then anti-cafés can definitely save you. Free access to table games, libraries of books and, of course, food… Isn’t that enough? No one is gonna resist. The tiniest flaw is that every minute of you being there costs certain money.
P.S. Funny fact: for the first time in history the famous saying “time is money” has acquired its literal meaning.

Where: Ziferblat Moscow Tverskaya – 12 bld. 1, Tverskaya St. (Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya metro stations)
When: Mon-Sun, 10AM – 12PM


7. Can sports be fun?

In case you are ready to challenge yourself and face your greatest fear, try indoor ice skating rinks. Don’t take it too seriously! We are just joking. There is nothing to be afraid of. Ice skating is a pretty pleasant activity which you can enjoy with your whole family. Even if you are not familiar with this sport and have no experience, don’t worry! After all, it is fun that matters.
Where: Park Skazka- 18, Krylatskaya St. (Krylatskoye, Molodyozhnaya metro stations)
When: weekdays 10AM – 8PM, weekends 10AM – 9PM
Price: starting from 200 RUB


So, Russian weather can be characterized by its diversity. Our best wish is that you could embrace all its peculiarities, even when it leaves much to be desired. We hope that poor weather won’t prevent you from having fun and you won’t resign yourself to being bored and will do something instead.

If you want to know more information about autumn activities in and around Moscow, check out the articles about Best Things To Do in Moscow This Autumn and Best Autumn Activities In & Around Moscow. They will give you a better idea about what to do this time of the year. Both articles provide a huge range of activities to every taste and budget: parks, fairs, festivals, indoor and outdoor activities and events. Don’t miss autumn highlights!


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