13 Halloween Games For Big And Little Monsters

  • Wed 10 2019
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Halloween is coming. It’s one of the best party times of the year. Even though it is rather new in Russia it gains in popularity from year to year. Russians are professionals in having fun, believe us, we know, what we are saying. That’s why it is always a good idea to join a celebration.  You will need only items that you already have around the house so there will be no other costs involved unless you want to buy small prizes for the winners.

1. Monster Freeze Dance: a traditional Halloween party game when you dance to the music and then freeze when it turns off.

2. Halloween Feel Box: it’s a favorite Halloween party game for trick-or-treaters of all ages that will make everyone say “Ewww!” This is a great sensory game idea and there are lots of ideas for what to put in your Halloween box.

3. Wrap the Mummy: use toilet paper or crepe paper to see who can wrap a human mummy the fastest in this fast-paced Halloween party game. Afterwards you can add another race with the aim to “undress” the mummy and get all the toilet paper in the trash. Everyone will love it, and you’ll get help with the clean-up.

4. Halloween Memory Game: test the memories of your guests in this fun Halloween party game. Make several cards choosing “Halloween” as your topic. The pictures on the cards can include a jack o’ lantern, Frankenstein, a witch, vampire, haunted house, and more. If you want to make your game a bit more original, you can make your guests memorize characters of Russian legends and fairy tales. We have already described them in our previous article.

5. Bobbing for Apples: probably it is the most well known and favorite Halloween game. Float apples in a large basin filled with water. The object of this game is to grab one of the apples and remove it from the water using only his mouth. Hands must be kept behind player’s backs. Be prepared with towels as the players generally get quite wet.

6. Pass the apple: line up the players in two rows, the same number in each line. They have to pass an apple to the person behind them only with the help of their chins. If the apple drops a team starts from the very beginning once again.

7. Apple Paring: everyone gets an apple, fruit knife and a plate in order to peel it. The winner is the one who produces the longest and narrowest peeling.

8. Ghost Stories Setting the scene for a scary story is what is needed for maximum effect. Your story could be a real life haunting, a classic ghost story, or an urban legend. Candles, strange noises and even a hidden prankster (to jump out at the right moment, or squeak some floorboards) will provide suitable reaction.

9. Ghost in the graveyard: one player is called “Ghost”, his aim is to hide, while others stay together at a spot designated “base”, and count loudly: “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock,” and so on, all the way up to “midnight,” at which point they all head off in search of the hiding ghost. When a seeker spots the ghost, he yells, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and, along with everyone else, runs back toward base. The ghost screams and chases seekers, trying to tag as many as he can before they all reach base. Who gets to play the part of the ghost the next time depends on which version of the game your group prefers, but usually it’s the first player tagged.

10. Bairín Breac : various things are baked into the loaf. It is seen as a form of divination for the year ahead. This is a traditional game and the hidden objects signify different things: Ring – marriage Coin – wealth Rag – poverty Thimble – old maid. All in all you can always create your own symbols and have a lot of fun. 10.

11. A silence game: everyone are divided into two groups. One of them remains silent with a serious look. While another tries to make them laugh and talk. The one who said anything or even smiled, has to complete a funny task. For example sing any song, holding your nose with a hand.

12. Would you rather: the game of “Would you rather” is a great ice breaker for any group of people. Use some of the Halloween-themed questions below to warm up the atmosphere to play even more fun Halloween games.  Sample questions:-Would you rather eat 5 pounds of candy corn or eat 10 candy apples? -Would you rather stay the night in a haunted house or in a cemetery? -Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?-Would you rather see a ghost or meet a real vampire?-Would you rather be covered in snakes or spiders?

13. Create a scary story for Halloween: sitting in a circle each guest takes out a piece of paper that has previously been put in a bowl with three basic ingredients that should have every story and proceed to tell it. It is important to create an excellent lighting and the necessary environment thanks to the hundreds of accessories for parties that already exist for these occasions.


So, if you want to turn your celebration into one of the brightest events of the year, we are ready to help with fresh ideas! Add a bit of activity to your holiday and play one of these games. What about showing your little monsters and guests, what real fun looks like?Halloween is rather new in Russia; all in all from year to year it gains in popularity. Russians are professionals in having fun, believe us, we know, what we are saying. That’s why it is always a good idea to join a celebration. Wake up your monsters, put on a costume, warm up an atmosphere with our games and enjoy!

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