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  • Thu 01 2020
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Let’s forget about trivial judgments that nature doesn’t have bad weather, the main thing is to be well equipped, and so on. Facts are facts: cold weather and short daylight hours limit activity. However, winter is not an excuse to stay at home. Therefore, there is a reasonable question, what to do? Where to go? Why don’t you make a small trip and cross the borders of Moscow city center? There are lots of places of interest in Moscow region. Here is a TOP list of them.




The Museum of Russian dessert in Zvenigorod


How to make toffees and marshmallows-all this can be found in the” Museum of Russian dessert in Zvenigorod. The exhibition occupies only several rooms, but you can admire exhibits for hours: cute lampshades, funny pictures, a huge oven and antique utensils.

The Museum offers several master classes — you can decorate gingerbread, cook Guriev porridge and sculpt sugar flowers. At the end of the class, a tea party is arranged, where all the goodies will be eaten with pleasure.There is a shop at the Museum. Prepare your money! It is impossible to leave it without a package of Ivan-tea, gingerbread or pastille.

You can get to the Museum by car or by public transport: by train from Kuntsevo ьуекщ station or by bus from Skhodnenskaya metro station.

Where: 23/2 Frunze street, Zvenigorod, Moscow region


Operating time:

Mon-Sun: 10 AM- 8 PM



The Trinity-Sergius Lavra


The Trinity-Sergius Lavra needs no introduction: it is one of the main Orthodox shrines in Russia, which is protected by UNESCO. It is useless to describe its attractions: you can find them in thick guidebooks. Just remember that the Cathedral is one of the most important Russian places of interest. Around the Lavra there are cafes for every taste and budget, the train from the Yaroslavl station comes almost to the city center, so it won’t be a problem to come here for half a day. There is also a toy Museum not far from the Lavra. Your children will be interested for sure in old dolls, strollers, cars, locomotives, and so on. You can show what toys Russian great-grandmothers and great-grandparents had.

Where: Sergiev Posad, Moscow region


Operating time:

Mon-Sun: 5 AM- 9 PM



Borodino field Museum


“Borodino field” is a cherished dream of boys from 5 to 90 years old. After all, the complex remains the oldest Museum in the world, created on the battlefield. In 1812, the famous battle of Borodino between Napoleon’s army and Kutuzov’s troops took place here, and later in 1941, the Mozhaisk line of defense of Moscow was also held here.

Nowadays, Borodino, which covers an area of more than 110 square kilometers, is a memorial city with dozens of expositions, monuments, and temples. However, the most interesting thing here is the partially restored historical landscape of the battle with fortifications, the Rayevsky battery and the Shevardin redoubt.

There is a hotel and a cafe on the territory of the complex.

Where: A100, Borodino, Moscow region.


Operating time:

From April to October: from 10 AM to 6 PM (ticket office until 5:30 PM)

From November to April: 9 AM to 5 PM (ticket office until 4 PM)

The day off is Monday and the last Wednesday of the month.




Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of technology


Vadim Zadorozhny, President Of the Russian Guild of antiquaries created one of the largest private collections of retro cars and equipment in Europe. The huge hangars store more than 1,000 rare items, including the last surviving Yak-15, and the “Lizzie tin” – the world’s first mass-produced car since 1908. In addition to engineering value, there is also a historical value-for example, in the Museum you can see the cars of Stalin, Beria and Khrushchev.

The special charm of the exhibition is in its interactivity. Here you can learn how to assemble a Kalashnikov rifle, ride vintage military vehicles and arrange a photo session in antique American automobiles.

It is easy to get to the Museum — there are minibuses and buses from Tushinskaya and Strogino metro stations. The complex has a cafe and restaurant.

Where:  Ilinskoe sh. 4 km, p. 9, Arkhangelskoe, Moscow region


Operating time:

Mon: closed

Tue-Fri: 10 AM – 7 PM

Sat-Sun: 10 AM – 8 PM




Exotic Park


In the Exotic Park, you can feed mini-pigs and ride a pony. The main thing you should come to this complex for is a collection of exotic animals and birds from all over the world! It contains servals and cougars, as well as lions and foxes, guanacos and camels.

You can get to the Park by car — there is a free Parking lot near the complex. You can also get there on public transport:

Teply Stan metro station, the second exit from the metro to the left

Route taxi № 512, 887 (travel time 30 minutes) to the stop “47 km”

Suburban buses № 503, 512 (travel time 1 hour) to the stop “47 km”

Where: 47 km of the Kaluzhskoe highway, turn to Romantsevo


Operating time:

Mon-Sun: 10 AM – 5 PM




Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve


This is one of the smallest reserves in Russia. However, the area of about 5 thousand hectares is inhabited by 142 species of birds and 57 species of wild mammals. The main attraction of the reserve is a European bison – a wild wood ox, the largest ungulate animal in Europe, a contemporary of the mammoth, which recently was on the blink of extinction. Visiting the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is a great opportunity to relax in the nature and to get unforgettable experience of meeting a herd of European and American bison in the forest.

Where: Danki, Moscow region


Operating time:

Mon, Wed, Tue, Fri: 11AM-3PM

Thu: 11AM-4PM

Sat, Sun: 9AM-4PM





Riding snowmobiles


Winter is in full swing — which means that it’s time to do winter entertainment, which is not available at other times of the year. For example, you can ride snowmobiles — and for this you do not even have to go far outside the city. Moreover, you can rent a fast snowmobile not far from Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. How do you like this weekend plan?

Where: Moscow region, Serpukhov district, the village of Nikiforovo


Operating time:

Every Day, Around the Clock




Enjoy Dostoevsky Places


Zaraysk is a small town in the East of the Moscow region, located 160 kilometers from the capital on the Bank of the Sturgeon river. This ancient city is interesting for its history, primarily because Dostoevsky lived and worked here. Furthermore we highly recommend you to visit Zaraysky Kremlin. It’s one of the main attractions of the town.




Hot air balloon ride


Just imagine: there is a boundless distance, charming nature and inviting sky. And you steal all over: rivers, fields and forests. The spirit captures, isn’t it? Let your heart overflow with a sense of freedom and happiness.  You can take an unforgettable air trip to the clouds with your beloved, family, friends or colleagues. In any case you will definitely remember the day of your air adventure!

Where:  1B, Pravonaberezhnaya str., Dmitrov, Moscow Region, Russia





Switzerland Near Moscow?


Exactly, thanks to its magnificent nature, Yakhroma Park has acquired this name. In the center of the Park there is a mountain with a height of 225 m with 10 ski, fully-equipped for visitors with any level of training. There are also modern lifts and special elevators for young visitors. There is also a Playground for children. Thanks to modern equipment, the snow cover lies here until April. So you still have a lot of time to visit Yakhroma until the end of the season. Moreover, Yakhroma Park is situated not far from Hot air baloon station, so you can arrange a full of joy day.

Where: Dmitrov district, Zhivotino village







Tubing is a fun entertainment for the whole family, both for children and adults! It is a type of sled made of durable rubber circles with handles. It is a new fun way to descend from snow slopes. If you are tired of skiing and snowboarding, Tubing is exactly what you need! Laughter and fun are provided for you and your children! Tube rental is available in many parks of Moscow and Moscow region. As an example, we suggest to pay your attention to Elagino Park.

Where: Naro-Fominsk city district, near the village of Elagino (76 km of the Kiev highway)


Operating time:

Tue-Thu: 2 PM-10 PM

Fri.: 10 AM-10 PM

Sat.: 10 AM-00 PM

Sun: 10 AM-10 PM




2 Historical Cities In A Day!


Are you a history lover? If yes. you will definitely appreciate visiting 2 cities of Russian historical herritage in a day!

The first city is Ryazan. It is located 180 km from Moscow (2,5-3h by car or train). Ryazan region represents the whole Russia in miniature. Here you can find a vast variety of attractions, a fair presentation of long and rich history with unique customs, traditions, and many other features.
What To See:
1. Ryazan Kremlin.
2. Cathedral Park with the complex of Transfiguration Monastery and Prioksky Forest Park
3. The Gingerbread Museum
4. The Ioanno-Bogoslovsky Monastery (25 km north of Ryazan).
5. Konstantinovo (about 50 km from Ryazan).




Kolomna is another place to see for the weekend. It is one of the oldest towns of the Moscow Region. It witnessed many great battles. And nevertheless Kolomna has managed to keep the charm of the ancient Russia.
While in Kolomna, it is necessary to taste unique local marshmallow made of apples with sourness and honey, traditional mead (made of cranberry, red bilberry or mint) and stock up with Kolomna honey.
Here are the main city sights for you:
1. Kolomna Kremlin (16th century)
2. Assumption Cathedral (16th century)
3. Brusensky Assumption Convent (16th century)
4. Church of John the Apostle (14th century)
5. Marshmallow Museum (paradise for every sweet tooth)


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