Mira Avenue, 102, building 34, Business complex "Park Mira"

TRILAB STUDIO is a unique training complex for sportsmen of any level: starting from newbie to many times IROMAN

Here we have:
– Certificated swimming experts
– Triathlon expert coaches
– Up-to-date equipment of Endless Pool, Wahoo KICKR, Speed Fit, Specialized
– The best specialized training center
We have provided ideal conditions for high-performance trainings.

In TRILAB STUDIO you will improve your swimming techniques, skills for running long distances and get untracked in cycling. And all of this just in one place!

Swimming trainings

Triathlon trainings

Group and individual lessons

Kids lessons

You get:

Expert control – swimming trainings can be controlled by video monitoring
Effectiveness – you can get prepared to competitions of any level
Introducing innovations – two Endless pools at one time
Prepare champions – our own methods of training triathlon sportsmen
All-in-one – both health-improving and preparing for competitions trainings
Taking part in competitions – Local and international competitions (including IRONMAN)
Guaranteed results – we make your goals closer every training

Our services:

  1. Personal swimming trainings for adults (Indoor) from 2000 rub.
  2. Personal swimming trainings for kids (Indoor) from 2100 rub.
  3. Personal cycling trainings (Indoor/Outdoor) from 2500 rub.
  4. Group cycling trainings (Indoor/Outdoor) from 1500 rub.
  5. Personal running trainings (Indoor/Outdoor) from 2000 rub.
  6. Group running trainings (Indoor/Outdoor) from 1000 rub.In addition:
  • Cycles storage
  • Rent of personal boxes for cycling suits
  • Cycling suits laundry

15 % Discount for Intermark Club Members

+7 (495) 181-57-17

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