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18 May


05:00 PM


600 - 1500 RUB


Cultural Center ZIL

Choreographers of the Ballet Moscow theater – Anastasia Kadruleva and Artem Ignatiev – composed this kind of performance especially for their little daughter and her peers. The fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen is reinterpreted here: it has new characters and storylines. The whole scene is the Dollhouse of the girl Sonya, in which the story of Thumbelina unfolds. She goes on a journey, meeting on the way a mole, a spider, a swallow, mice, tadpoles and elves. Events taking place with Thumbelina, reflect the inner world of Sony, children’s experiences and dreams, ideas about good and evil. In the play, the cycle of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s “Seasons” in the processing of the pioneer of Russian electronics Arkady Marto sounds. Instrumental music is intertwined with the sounds of nature and becomes even more fabulous.


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