The Ball-Masquerade

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01 February


07:00 PM


500 - 2 500 RUB


Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre

The opera “The Ball-Masquerade” was written by Verdi in 1857. His romanticism is a romanticism
of freedom, heroism and courage in the liberation struggle for the independence of Italy. In 1792
in Stockholm, during a ball at the palace, the Swedish King Gustav III was mortally wounded. The
plot was headed by representatives of the reactionary group. They were unhappy that the king was
going to liquidate some noble privileges. This historical event was used by the French playwright
Eugene Scribe in his play. Giuseppe Verdi wanted to create a work that is politically relevant, close
to the Italian people. The composer suggested that Antonio Somma, the author of a number of
dramatic works, write a libretto on the subject of the play of Scribe. This same libretto is the basis
of the opera “The Ball-Masquerade”.

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