Grand Maket Russia

St. Petersburg
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26 February

20 June


10:00 AM

10:00 AM


280 - 480 RUB

280 - 480 RUB


Museum "Grand Layout Russia"

Museum "Grand Layout Russia"

“Grand Maket Russia” is an amazing Museum, where only one piece is exhibited. But this exhibit is truly unique. You will be presented a huge working model, art transmitting the collective image of Russia. The area of this man-made miracle of 800 square meters, which today makes it the second largest in the world. Rail and road traffic, various scenes with moving objects and figures controlled by the audience bring motion into the composition. More than 200 trains pass through dodgy routes with a total length of almost two and a half thousand meters, and turn the layout into a single living organism. The viewer will be surprised Dby the complexity and uniqueness of cars movement, while they include headlights, brake lights and turning lights add brightness exposure and illuminating the road at night. Every fifteen minutes, from East to West over the layout of the coming night, for a simulation involving nearly 800,000 LEDs. The sea of lights makes the impression from inspection of the layout is really unforgettable, and the opportunity to rent the audio guide and binoculars will expand the horizons of any visitor, regardless of age!

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