Cécile Plaisance. Role Play

St. Petersburg
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01 February

02 June


10:00 AM

10:00 PM


550 RUB


Erarta Museum

This will be the first ever time Plaisance’s art will be exhibited in Russia, culminating in one of the most encompassing shows of the artist to date. Her works explore the notions of the different roles that we play both privately and publicly and the way others perceive us on autopilot, relying on stereotypes and snap judgements; often from peculiar or restrictive vantage points. To further immerse the viewer in this aspect of Cécile Plaisance’s works, Erarta will assemble a ‘Peep Show’ environment within its exhibition halls, which will see visitors peering through gaps of a carefully constructed labyrinth. Moving through the corridors, the visitor will be able to spy on embracing couples, undressed dolls and startling scenes, guaranteeing their visit to be an unmissable experience.

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