Bureau des transmissions 

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08 March

15 May


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


300 RUB


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Krymsky Val st. 9/32

Bureau des transmissions focuses on the production and circulation of knowledge in a museum setting. The experimental space of the project encourages visitors to look at educational strategies as an integral part of the life of the contemporary museum. Borrowed from the art historian Claude-Hubert Tatot, the original French title—which means “signal office”—refers to a place where important, usually military, information is communicated. Invoking telegraph, radio, fiber optics or any other means of generating vital connectivity, the title suggests that contemporary museums have to be competent in a variety of fields: as well as research centers and incubators for new art they act as platforms for educational experiments. Our prediction is that future museums, like universities, will be organized as campuses, with artists acting as experts and education taking on the role of social activist. Presented as a forum with artists’ interventions, Bureau des transmissions will function in various modes: as a continuous performance, a program of master classes, and a series of meetings with the artists and educators involved in the project. The full schedule will be announced separately.

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